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I talked to the officer on duty for the night and told him everything I could to help. There isn’t much that can be done right now but wait for lee to get back online, if that’s possible. I know he’s been in similar situations to this, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be alright. I’ll keep you all updated on what happens.

Alright guys, the police have had multiple phone calls and I’m waiting on an officer to call me back now. Thank you for your help and concern, and I just have to say that while all boosts for help are appreciated, PLEASE do not overstep boundaries or go overboard. Lee’s situation at home is exceedingly precarious, he has few other places he can go besides home and as of the moment, my primary concern is making sure he does not get hurt and gets whatever medical attention he needs. This is a complex and delicate situation dealing with a very vulnerable young person, so just keep that in mind with what you say and do.


ok i know this is a cliche but im honestly in a huge pinch right now and i need need need your help

my friend Lee, whose tumblr url is kizatchi, is in an abusive household and has been kicked out by his mom in the cold after they had a drunken fight

he is really young, really scared and he doesnt have a phone, laptop, or a place to sleep

If there is anyone in the Cary, North Carolina area that can call the police, offer help, anything at all, it would be enormously appreciated. I don’t know the details or specifics of where he is, only that he was near a McDonalds recently. Even if you’re not around, any signal boosts and reblogs are immensely appreciated. 

I just want my friend to be ok

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Here’s the “piano” song from Kaiba’s “Chroniko’s Boots” episode because I can’t find that song anywhere.

Where can I watch Kaiba? If I search on YouTube I just get results for the Yugioh character.
i really dont wanna come off rude but i do have to wonder if maybe you compare things to NGE too much? if this is unfair i am sorry but it's like, every time you talk about anything that deals with existential themes you always seem to mention something like, "while nge did x, thing i just watched did y, and i enjoyed it less" and sometimes it just comes off that you're annoyed thing you just saw wasn't NGE

i have a really unfortunate bias towards NGE and tend to compare everything i consume to it in some respect or another, but in my defense thats what virtually the entire anime industry’s been doing for the past 17 years. it just casts a really, really long shadow.